08 November 2006

Why I Love (Platonic) My Life Here

1. Billie not only brought me letters and peanut butter when she came to join me in the accompaniment program -- She also brought me AUTUMN!! She carefully selected leaves from her yard, ironed them between sheets of wax paper, and surprised me yesterday with a bundle full of home. Today I shared them with Colombian friends who have never seen autumn, and we talked about the seasons and the beauty of the world. Also, I learned that the spanish word for squirrel is ardilla.

2. I’ve been working as an informal tutor with some friends who are studying English. Last week, one friend sent me this lovely and completely charming email:
Hello, my beautiful angel (ito), the beautiful person of the world, you are unique.

How are you? I hope very well. Ok, I was reviewing some verbs in past and I have many problems with the verb TO HAVE that you explain me in the last class.I think in you and I remember that I had you Email, I take advantage of for saludarte and I know the same time if this mail arrives to you.
I love you (friends). We see Tuesday.
3. On Saturday, I went to a picnic and played Bingo. The song in spanish goes:
y se llamaba Bingo

I also spent the day with a small friend and we made art together:

4. Yesterday we visited a huge agricultural market in the municipality of Soledad and I saw more bananas than I’ve ever seen in my life. Trucks and trucks full of bananas. Rooms of bananas filled to the ceilings. There’s something powerful and overwhelming about being confronted with the sheer abundance of the Earth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Life is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Sunday, November 12, 2006 1:01:00 AM  

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